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Coworking Space

Work and meet new mates in our coworking space within Up2You located in the city center of Tours.

Our prices

For the day, à la carte, nomadic or resident, discover our coworking offer in the heart of Tours.

“Resident” Formula

Monthly subscription

€250/month HT

€250/month HT

“Nomad” Formula

10 day diary

The number of days is customizable

€130/10d HT

€130/10d HT

* Residents benefit from a chosen fixed office. Nomads must book their visit online on Google Calendar.

Our Coworking Space in Tours

A shared space

Coworking is a concept that involves sharing a workspace with other people who work independently. The Up2You coworking space welcomes independent workers, start-ups and small businesses looking for a collaborative and stimulating work environment.

Coworking allows workers to connect and collaborate with other people, which can improve their productivity and creativity.

Controlled costs

The Up2you co-working space offers an affordable solution for independent workers looking to save the costs of a traditional workspace, while still offering benefits such as flexibility, collaboration and inspiration.

Pooling costs by sharing costs and services allows you to benefit from additional included services such as, for example, the maintenance of premises or a relaxation area.

Services included

The Up2You business center offers an all-inclusive package with services and benefits such as a high-speed connection, secure access, a terrace, self-service coffee and tea, etc. a kitchen, a printer and a common space for socializing.

A network of colleagues

Joining the Up2You community also means joining a network of colleagues and companies. This is the strength of the Up2You coworking network: social benefits and networking opportunities. Events are regularly offered to develop exchanges and establish new professional contacts.

The coworking space is designed to encourage collaboration and creativity, with breakout zones, play spaces and community events.

Our Phone Box

Make your calls and meetings without disturbing other coworkers thanks to the phonebox provided allowing you to isolate yourself in complete peace alone or in pairs.

For more confidentiality, the telephone box to be reserved offers you privacy and tranquility. Practical and functional space for your private or confidential calls.

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