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Business domiciliation in Tours

Register and domicile your business in the heart of Tours.

Our prices

Business domiciliation

1 year commitment

19€ /month HT

19€ /month HT

For 1 year, then €29/month HT

Scan your mail once a day + forward your mail once a month1.

Scanning your mail once a week + forwarding your mail once a month.

Scan your mail once a month + forward your mail once a month.

Forwarding your mail once a week.

Forwarding of your mail once a month.

*Requires your consent to open mail.


At Up2You Tours, we offer a standard business domiciliation service at €19/month excluding tax for the first year, then 2€9/month excluding tax. In order to establish the business domiciliation contract, it is necessary to provide various documents:
  • Identity document
  • Contact details (telephone and email)
  • KBIS.
Setting up the domiciliation contract is quick, it generally takes less than a day.
Business domiciliation, Up2You business center in Tours, Coworking, Rental of Offices and Rooms
Mail Business domiciliation, Up2You business center in Tours, Coworking, Rental of Offices and Rooms

You will obtain a postal address domiciled with Up2You with the possibility of indicating this address in all your legal documents (statutes, invoices, contracts, etc.).

Up2You is a domiciliation company approved by the Indre-et-Loire prefecture under the approval number: 37-2023-01.

Optionally (as mentioned above), we can offer you other services such as mail forwarding, scanning and sending letters by email.

Why domicile my business?

Business domiciliation allows you to register a company at a defined address.

When creating a company, it is obligatory to indicate the domiciliation of a company, we most often speak of head office. A domiciliation service allows you to geolocate and register your business in order to obtain a KBIS and a Siret at a physical address.

Business domiciliation offers an additional advantage which is not to disclose your personal address in the case of a company without premises or to use a better valued postal address.

The domiciliation of the head office allows you to benefit from a permanent professional address which makes it possible to reinforce the credibility of the company, particularly at the start of activity.

Church place Michelet in tours 37, Up2You business center in Tours, Coworking, Rental of Offices and Rooms

What is the domiciliation contract?

This is a written contract concluded between the two parties, it includes the identity of the two parties with the legal information which composes them. The domiciliation contract must have a minimum legal duration of 3 months; tacitly renewed. It also provides for the terms of termination.

What are the obligations of the parties?

  • Obligations of the domiciliation company
      1. The domiciliation company must have an approval issued by the Prefecture.
      2. Develop a file for each domiciled company with a certain number of elements.
      3. Notify the commercial court registry of any change concerning the domiciliation (expiration of the contract, absence, bailiff, etc.)


  • Obligation of the domiciled company
    1. The domiciled company must of course declare the domiciliation contract to the court registry or to the trade and company registers. It must also respect general conditions written in the contract.
    2. Notify the registry of any changes related to its activity, including cessation or change of address.
    3. Termination of the contract is done by Registered Letter with acknowledgment of receipt with 1 month’s notice. Termination will necessarily result in a change of address of the company (unless closure or cessation).